Sponsorship opportunities

ISGC, in association with INCREASE, presents the only event which covers research, innovation and business in the fields of green chemistry. Through ISGC exhibition, open innovation and within the conference, there will be a relevant way to increase brand recognition for your company and build industry or academic relationships.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available, so please contact Frédéric Le Gall on +33 (0)6 98 38 89 01 or email via contact@isgc-symposium.com for more information.

Why being a sponsor of ISGC 2019 ?

  • Knowledge: Access to the international sustainability scientific community.

  • Connect and solve R&D problems: use the 1-to-1 system to view academic laboratories and companies profiles and set up meetings at your exhibition stand.

  • Promote & brand awareness: ISGC has an remarkable network and marketing strategy : direct marketing, press coverage, +100 000 contacts in the green chemistry professionals and researchers. A network of academic researchers and key opinion leaders.

  • Media exposure: media partners contribute to your visibility by articles focused on your innovation.

  • Present: industrial sessions are the ideal way to present your new company, your latest innovation, or your new product development.

ISGC offers a wide range of customisable opportunities available to suit any budget. 

Before the meeting

During the promotion of ISGC, sponsors can be present on each e-mailing and each web page dedicated to the event. 
Promote your company and products in front of + 100 000  contacts in the pre-event marketing campaign and via our website.

Advertising formats include:

  • Banners advertising on e-marketing campaign

  • Advertisement on promotional ISGC brochure

  • Social media promotion (LinkedIn and twitter)

During the meeting

It is also critical for sponsors to be visible during and after the meeting. Put your company name and logo and gain unrivalled publicity for your brand. Your company can be seen in various formats depending on the level of sponsorship (see Sponsorship & exhibition brochure) including:

  • Logos on the meeting proceedings, Bags, note pads, partnering tool, show guide, attendee badges, floor markers, holding slides …

  • Distribution of flyers or brochures in conference bag,

  • POS advertising supports which can be seen during lunch and coffee breaks, as well as at the reception desk.

ISGC press relations

Information on the ISGC symposium  and its agenda will be announced in the press.
Press relations will be ensured for media coverage of ISGC 2019 in France, Europe and internationally:

  • Regional daily press,

  • National and international daily press,

  • Specialized national and international publications (scientific and technical, sustainable development, green chemistry, etc.),

  • Economic press

For more information:

For more information on any of available packages, or to put together a sponsorship package tailored to your needs, contact Frédéric Le Gall:

+33 (0)6 98 38 89 01