Conference venue

ISGC 2019 will be held in Espace Encan. Quai Louis Prunier - 17033, La Rochelle. May 13rd - 16th, 2019.

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La Rochelle

With over 80,000 inhabitants, this port city on the Atlantic coast is situated halfway between Nantes and Bordeaux.

The city of La Rochelle has for many years placed sustainable development at the heart of its policies and has implemented many positive actions in the areas of health promotion, solidarity, social action, biodiversity, water… but also in the area of town planning, construction and energy. The priority of La Rochelle is to reduce the carbon footprint by acting daily in different areas, which is expressed by many actions from the management of municipal buildings to town planning by way of public facilities, transport and travel.

Espace Encan

The Encan site is located close to the historic center, near the old harbourg, called now the "bassin des grands yachts". It was built on the old fish market, place of memory of Rochelaise fishing. The Encan center, now called "La Rochelle Congrès" has adopted an environmentally friendly and responsible approach, supported by the ADEME, for its various events.

The climate

With its exceptional sunshine (2,400 hours per year, or as much as the French Riviera) and its proximity to the Islands of Ré, Oléron, Aix and Madame, La Rochelle is a special holiday resort. La Rochelle enjoys an oceanic climate. With plenty of rain in autumn and in winter, the winters are mild, and it is the sunniest spot on the Atlantic littoral. In summer, temperatures are tempered by the sea breeze. It is caused by the rise in the ground temperature during the day while the sea temperature remains constant, and can be felt as wind which sometimes blows fairly strongly from the sea inland in the afternoon. Ideal for sailing, the breeze also keeps maximum temperatures agreeable.