Open Innovation - 15th May

Open Research & Innovation is a unique opportunity for project leaders - researchers, young researchers, startups, VSEs / SMEs - to present their research, their innovations, their know-how and their challenges to large companies and to ISGC attendees.

what is the open research & innovation?

  • A pitch session (see below)

  • Meetings with large companies (see below)

  • A global network & 1to1 meetings between all the ISGC Participants (see below)

  • An exhibition (more information here)

when ? where ? FEES ?

  • Wednesday 15th May

  • During ISGC 2019 : La Rochelle, France. Espace encan (see here)

  • 300 euros, including the lunch / Free of charge for ISGC participants. (see below for registration)

Who's organizing the Open Research & Innovation ?

Why should you take part !?

Participate in the pitch session :

  • 25 companies and public laboratories will be selected to present their researches, innovations, … during a pitch session.

Meet leading chemical companies (see below) to present your innovation or research project :

  • Several large companies will be involved in the reviewing of your company profile. You will be able to request a meeting with them during the Open Research & Innovation day.

Meet stakeholders involved in the sustainable chemistry fields :

  • You will be able to request meetings with all the ISGC participants (more than 800 researchers, startups, companies, etc).

Showcase your company at ISGC 2019.

  • If You want to exhibit new products, new technologies, new researches ... ISGC exhibition offers you booth opportunities.

Who participates in the Open Research & Innovation ?

  • Researchers from academic laboratories looking for large companies to support their research projects or start-up creations.

  • Startups looking for pitching their project to investors and major companies.

  • VSEs and SMEs for presenting their innovations to leading chemical companies.

  • Large companies looking for innovative research projects associated with academic laboratories, or new technologies from emerging startups.

  • Investment funds looking for emerging startups and innovative projects from academic researchers.

  • Competitive clusters, CRITTs (Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer), etc ... that wish to enhance their VSE / SME networks.

Which large companies will be present at the Open Research & Innovation ?

In practice :

To be eligible for a pitch session at ISGC 2019 and participate in the open research & innovation, you must be a registered attendee & you must submit a company / public lab profile.

Before April 30th :

  1. You create an account on the digital platform of ISGC (see below)

  2. You submit a description (profile) of your company, startup or research lab : innovations, technologies, research fields …

April 30th - may 05th :

  • Your profile is reviewed by a scientific committee and large companies that participate in the Open Innovation (see above)

  • If you are selected for the pitch session, you will present your company or public laboratory on plenary session (Wednesday, 15th - May)

From April 30th to May 13rd :

  • Your profile is visible for each ISGC attendee (via the webapp)

  • You can request 1to1 meetings with large companies and all the ISGC participants

Wednesday 15th, May / 8:30 am - 02:30 pm :

  • You organize your agenda :

    • 1to1 meetings (with large companies and ISGC attendees)

    • Green Chemistry Journal symposium (plenary lectures)

    • Lunch / 12:30 - 02:00

Wednesday 15th, May / 02:30 pm - 07:00 pm :

  • Keynote session (invited speakers for ISGC scientific program) / 02:00 pm - 02:30 pm

  • Pitch session : selected abstracts (25) are programmed for a the pitch session (in plenary) / 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm

  • 1to1 meetings (with large companies and ISGC participants) / 04:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Wednesday 15th, May / 08:00 pm - 00:00 PM

  • ISGC Gala evening ! (You can register to the gala on your dashboard)

Registration to the Open Research

You can register for one day to ISGC - Wednesday the 15th May - and participate in the Open Research & Innovation. You will be able to participate in the Open Research & Innovation, to access to the exhibition area and to participate in the lunch.

You can also register to the full congress (Including Open Research & Innovation).

Registration for the Wednesday 15th
Open Research & Innovation registration 300 €
Working at the "Nouvelle Aquitaine Région" 200 €


3 modes of payment are available:

  • Credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express - Stripe process - (20 € additional administrative fees will be charged)

  • Wire transfer

  • Cheque

Profile submission & Registration process

ISGC offers an on-line system (Livescience) to manage your registration, abstract submission and booth reservation.
To register, you have to create an account and complete the registration form (OpeN Innovation) on your dashboard.

(Note that You can modify your information, add attendee(s), participate in the exhibition… You can checkout your order(s) and pay.
Note that full registration is achieved when payment has been received).


1. To modify your registration and your profile, add participant etc ... :

  • Access to your dashboard: click on « login » button below and enter your email and password

  • You can modify your company / public laboratory profile and your order by clicking on "pending order" in the menu.

  • You can add participant etc ...

Note that you need to checkout and validate your order.




1. Create your personal dashboard :

  • Click on the "Create your account" button below

  • File the form and validate

Follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Submit profile
On your dashboard, submit a description of your company / public laboratory (Company / Public Laboratroy profile). A confirmation with a '“profile number” will be sent by email. Thank you to specify this number in all our exchanges.

3. Register to the Open Research & Innovation
You can register to the Open Innovation or the full congress, add participant, reserve a booth, ... checkout and pay.