Open Innovation - 15th May

Open Research & Innovation is a unique opportunity for project leaders - researchers, young researchers, startups, VSEs / SMEs - to present their research, their innovations, their know-how and their challenges to large companies and to ISGC attendees.

what is the open research & innovation?

  • A pitch session (see below)

  • Meetings with large companies (see below)

  • A global network & 1to1 meetings between all the ISGC Participants (see below)

  • An exhibition (more information here)

when ? where ? FEES ?

  • Wednesday 15th May

  • During ISGC 2019 : La Rochelle, France. Espace encan (see here)

  • 300 euros, including the lunch / Free of charge for ISGC participants. (see below for registration)

Who's organizing the Open Research & Innovation ?

Why should you take part !?

Participate in the pitch session :

  • Companies and public laboratories will be selected to present their researches, innovations, … during a pitch session.

Meet leading chemical companies (see below) to present your innovation or research project :

  • Several large companies will be involved in the reviewing of your company profile. You will be able to request a meeting with them during the Open Research & Innovation day.

Meet stakeholders involved in the sustainable chemistry fields :

  • You will be able to request meetings with all the ISGC participants (more than 800 researchers, startups, companies, etc).

Showcase your company at ISGC 2019.

  • If You want to exhibit new products, new technologies, new researches ... ISGC exhibition offers you booth opportunities.

Who participates in the Open Research & Innovation ?

  • Researchers from academic laboratories looking for large companies to support their research projects or start-up creations.

  • Startups looking for pitching their project to investors and major companies.

  • VSEs and SMEs for presenting their innovations to leading chemical companies.

  • Large companies looking for innovative research projects associated with academic laboratories, or new technologies from emerging startups.

  • Investment funds looking for emerging startups and innovative projects from academic researchers.

  • Competitive clusters, CRITTs (Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer), etc ... that wish to enhance their VSE / SME networks.

Which large companies will be present at the Open Research & Innovation ?

In practice :

To be eligible for a pitch session at ISGC 2019 and participate in the open research & innovation, you must be a registered attendee & you must submit a company / public lab profile.

Before may 09th :

  1. You create an account on the digital platform of ISGC (see below)

  2. You submit a description (profile) of your company, startup or research lab : innovations, technologies, research fields …

  3. If you are selected for the pitch session, you will present your company or public laboratory on plenary session (Wednesday, 15th - May - 5 min pitch)

From may 06th to May 17th :

  • Your profile is visible for each ISGC attendee

  • You can request 1to1 meetings with large companies and all the ISGC participants

Wednesday 15th, May / 8:30 am - 02:30 pm :

  • You organize your agenda :

    • 1to1 meetings (with large companies and ISGC attendees)

    • Green Chemistry Journal symposium (plenary lectures)

    • Lunch / 12:30 - 02:00

Wednesday 15th, May / 02:30 pm - 07:00 pm :

  • Keynote session (invited speakers for ISGC scientific program) / 02:00 pm - 02:30 pm

  • Pitch session : selected abstracts are programmed for a the pitch session (in plenary) / 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm - 5min pitch

  • 1to1 meetings (with large companies and ISGC participants) / 04:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Wednesday 15th, May / 07:30 pm - 00:00 PM

  • ISGC Gala evening !

Registration to the Open Research

You can register for one day to ISGC - Wednesday the 15th May - and participate in the Open Research & Innovation. You will be able to participate in the Open Research & Innovation, to access to the exhibition area and to participate in the lunch.

You can also register to the full congress (Including Open Research & Innovation).

Registration for the Wednesday 15th
Open Research & Innovation registration 300 €
Working at the "Nouvelle Aquitaine Région" 200 €


3 modes of payment are available:

  • Credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express - Stripe process - (20 € additional administrative fees will be charged)

  • Wire transfer

  • Cheque