Green Chemistry Challenge

To enable industrials to show their innovations, to meet industrial requirements, to facilitate public-private and private-private partnerships, to present new challenges in R&D, to facilitate exchanges between participants, … ISGC creates the " Green Chemistry Challenge " : 1-to-1 meetings, exhibition area, innovation sessions and mentorship opportunities.

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Innovation sessions

  • Innovation sessions allow companies that participate in the exhibition area to present their area of expertises during oral communications.

  • Innovation sessions aim to provide an opportunity to discuss new innovations, new products, R&D problems, engineering solutions, technological solutions.

  • Innovations sessions are subjected to a reviewing process and will take place in the exhibition area. 3 innovation sessions are still programmed (see Program overview).
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Exhibition area

ISGC 2017 offers an exhibition area to enable start-ups, smes, academic laboratories, editors, … to present their challenges, expertise and latest innovations.

Exhibition area is open to all meeting participants. Innovation sessions, 1-to-1 meeting, all the coffee breaks, the welcome diner and the lunchs will take place in this exhibition area.

  • Pack “fully equipped booth”: € 290/sqm
  • Pack “partitions walls”: € 1490
  • Pack “table top”: € 1000
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1-to-1 Sessions

ISGC provides ideal context for the development of “public-private” or “private-private” partnerships in order to solve R&D problems and build tomorrow’s chemistry.

  • You - SME’s, leading companies, startup or research Laboratories - submit online your profile (research areas, expertise, technologies, engineering solutions, …) or an outline of a project, a technological obstacle, a R&D problem … These information are viewed online (secured plateform).
  • You create your agenda, set up meetings, and participants can also plan meetings with you.
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Mentorship opportunities

  • You are a young researcher: ISGC allows you to meet industry and senior researchers to discuss career opportunities ...
  • You are a company or an academic laboratory and you are looking for talent: ISGC allows you to meet talented young scientists in chemistry ...

ISGC 2017 Brochure

Green Chemistry Challenge area
Innovation sessions 1-to-1 meetings Exhibition area Menthorship opportunities

You want to book a stand


1. Create your account and personal dashboard

  • Click on the "Account Creation" button above
  • Fill the form and validate

Your dashboard will be created and is used for registration(s), abstract submission and Green Chemistry Challenge participation (innovation sessions,  1-to-1 meetings and exhibition).

2. Register in ISGC

After creating your dashboard, follow the on-screen instructions.
You can register in ISGC, add participant, reserve a booth ... checkout and pay.
Up on receipt of your pre-registration, a confirmation with a registration number will be sent by email. Thank you to specify this number in all our exchanges. Note that you need to checkout your order.


1. To reserve a booth:

  • Access to your dashboard:  click on « login » button below and enter your email and password 
  • Fill the form "exhibition booth" 
  • Fill the free registration form (included in your pack).

2. To modify your booth information:

  • Access to your dashboard:  click on « login » button below  and enter your email and password 
  • You can modify your order by clicking on "pending order" in the menu. 

Note that you need to checkout and validate your order.