1-to-1 meetings

ISGC is a place for entrepreneurs and technologies to meet academic researchers and science. 
ISGC provides ideal context for the development of “public-private” or “private-private” partnerships in order to solve R&D problems and build tomorrow’s chemistry.

ISGC offers 1-to-1 meetings for all participants with ability to send or receive meeting requests and view companies and laboratories profiles.

You want to participate in 1-to-1 meetings:

  1. Login to your personal dashboard
  2. Submit your profile (company or laboratory), or an outline of a project, a technological obstacle, a R&D problem … 
  3. See the participant list
  4. Request appointment
  5. If your request is accepted by the participant, you will be contacted directly by email to organize your meeting.

Note that all the 1to1 meetings are organized in the 1to1 area in front of the exhibition area.